Our principles

  • Maintaining the highest standards of corporate management is important for continued growth and success. We take our responsibility for fair, honest and ethical business practices very seriously.
  • As a team, we support each other, stick together and exclude no one in order to achieve our goals together. We promote a culture of respect and mutual understanding among our employees, customers and suppliers. Expertise, commitment and experience are the most important tools in our company.
  • Our employees know the importance and relevance of their work which is needed in order to achieve our quality objectives. They are adequately educated and trained. Our goal is to fulfil defined requirements, the desire for top quality and customer satisfaction.
  • We want to constantly improve ourselves so that the customer and not the product comes back. Compliance with the standards is required in a fair and unbiased manner from employees at all levels, which means that Relais Control complies with the legal obligations and the tried and true company processes.
  • In all decisions, the protection of life, safety and health of our employees has the highest priority in the company. It is your responsibility to observe and comply with all company policies, procedures, laws and regulations concerning public health, safety and environmental protection.
  • The constant observance and improvement of occupational safety, the promotion of good health, the constant efforts to prevent accidents and the avoidance of occupational illnesses are an obligation for everyone with the common goal of making the workplace of every employee safe and preventing accidents.
  • Relais Control provides us with computers and other communication technologies (Internet access, e-mail, telephone, etc.) so that we can fulfil our tasks. We use these tools in a way that is in keeping with the values and ethical business practices.