Individual maintenance concepts

Customized Maintenance

  • Regular status checks of valves by our valve specialists
  • Early detection of noticeable valves
  • Precise repair planning
  • Concrete budget planning
  • Loss minimisation = high plant availability
  • Optimal standstill planning
  • No unplanned standstills

Create documentation

For individual maintenance concepts, we measure possible leaks in valves without having to open the plant. This is done with sound emission measurements, so that more precise information about the condition of the measured valve can be given.

Documentation is prepared from this and provided to the customer. This facilitates budget planning in the plants so that the required budget volume can already be determined, e.g. for a standstill.

  • Analysis of the data using the measured status reports
  • Evaluation of the leakages
  • Special reconditioning according to customer requests
  • Maintaining a database