Environmental policy

Our environmental policy and our environmental guidelines are intended for all employees and all departments of Relais Control GmbH & Co. KG.

With the voluntary introduction of environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001, Relais Control has intensified its efforts to ensure effective and sustainable environmental protection from 2013 onwards.

Aim of the environmental management

The aim of the environmental management system is to ensure compliance with legal regulations and the continuous improvement of environmental protection. As a matter of principle, Relais Control strives for a constant reduction of impact on the environment.

Environmental and safety aspects

Environmental and safety aspects are considered in all operational processes, from procurement to disposal. We examine the effects of our actions on people and the environment.

Promotion of environmental awareness

Relais Control promotes the environmental awareness of its employees, through internal information, internal audits and training. Our employees are informed about environmentally relevant processes and are constantly involved in environmental protection.

Reduction of environmental pollution

Relais Control wants to avoid waste and environmentally harmful emissions and reduce it to a minimum. All employees of the company Relais-Control commit themselves to a responsible and resource-saving handling of materials

Control of the environmental management system

The environmental management system controls compliance with the environmental policy and environmental goals. Company-related environmental data is regularly recorded and evaluated with the aim of minimising the consumption of gas, water and electricity. An internal audit is carried out by the environmental group to check compliance with regulations and the environmental policy.